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Vision and Values

We are unashamedly ambitious for our students, staff, our community and our site. At Denefield, everything links back to our school motto – ‘success for life.’ By harnessing the ambitions below, we ensure our students leave Denefield equipped with the qualifications and CHARACTER values to thrive and be successful throughout their lives

Our vision


Students, including those in the Sixth Form, leave Denefield with the foundations for a rich and fulfilling life. They learn in a safe and emotionally caring environment, study hard and use the qualifications they gain and the personal development opportunities they benefit from in order to achieve success in later life.


Denefield staff value the work that they do and the positive impact it has on students’ lives. We nurture their talents and foster collaboration. We value staff welfare and maximise staff wellbeing. Denefield’s trustees support our staff  and school by acting as critical friends to the school.



We value strong relationships with parents/carers based on open communication and mutual trust. We aim to be at the heart of our local community. We work with and learn from other schools, businesses, social enterprises and community organisations to the benefit of all in the Denefield community.

Site and Resources

Denefield’s site and resources are inviting, exciting and fit for purpose for all who use them. They are safe, accessible and sustainable for students, staff and the local community. We invest in our site and resources for the benefit of current and future generations.

Our values

Denefield values are at the very core of everything we do.

  • We believe in self-development and self-fulfilment, shown through the CHARACTER values of confidence, happiness and articulacy.
  • We are passionate about students showing the perseverance to carry on, through the CHARACTER values of resilience, ambition and courage.
  • We are clear that creating a better future for all means contributing to and developing others, shown through the CHARACTER values of tolerance, empathy and respect.

It is these nine CHARACTER values, alongside hard work and excellent academic achievements, that form the foundations of success in later life.