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Our school logo changed in September 2021. The soaring kite represents the freedom, success and independence we strive for in all our students. The new logo is found on the polo shirt, the jumper, and sports’ shirts. We are very conscious of the cost of school uniform, and so these are the only branded items. Students in Years 9 to 11 whose uniform was bought before the logo changed may continue to wear the old uniform until parents/carers choose to replace it. Other branded items of sportswear are available but are not compulsory to purchase.

Our uniform is supplied by Price and Buckland.

Parents and carers should be aware that:

  • All items of clothing and equipment should be clearly named.
  • Designer logos and fashion items are not acceptable for school.
  • Shoes should be plain black with minimal decoration, firm-soled, water resistant and polishable.
  • Students also need a rucksack that is big enough to take textbooks, exercise books and folders up to A4 size.


For full uniform list please click here

  • For the skirt click here (prices were correct at time of creating this example)
  • For examples of school shoes click here
  • For examples of suitable trousers click here (prices were correct at time of creating this example).
  • For examples of suitable rucksacks click here
  • For examples of 3G pitch suitable boots click here

If you are ordering from Price & Buckland for the first time, please click here and use the register now option.