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Denefield’s welcoming Library and Learning Resource Centre provides a modern and attractive space for the whole school community to enjoy. There is a wide selection of fiction, non-fiction, magazines, e-books and audiobooks available to borrow. There is also access to academically-approved websites and other online resources. The library aims to support students learning, encourage wider reading and inspire students to read for pleasure. Denefield’s library offers its students an all-inclusive, safe and friendly learning environment enabling them to develop CHARACTER values such as articulacy, happiness and confidence.

The library is open at break, lunch, and after school until 4.00pm for students to browse and borrow books or use the computers and printer for homework. The library is often booked for lessons or tutor activities during the day. Sixth Form students have access to the computers and resources for quiet work during independent study periods. There are 32 computers with internet access, including 12 computers exclusively for Sixth Form, and lots of comfortable seating to relax and read. It is a great space for students to complete or print homework as well as providing plenty of choice of interesting reading material including fiction, non-fiction, biographies, manga, graphic novels, and general interest books to read. 

We have a fantastic web app with Accessit where students can browse, renew and reserve resources; read and write reviews; access reading lists and educational resources; add interests to receive notifications when new resources are added; use One Search to extend a search to include relevant websites; and even save their own bibliography.

Students can access e-books and audiobooks via  Sora, the app is also available free on Apple App and Google Play stores. Through Sora, students can not only read or listen to a large variety of fiction and non-fiction resources, ranging from revision guides to comics, they can also define words, highlight text and export notes, edit text to be dyslexia friendly or adjust the reading speed of audiobooks, add a local public library to access even more resources, and earn lots of fun achievements.

Extra-curricular activities and visits

Students are encouraged to get involved within the library by volunteering or joining a club. Denefield has an excellent team of student librarians who volunteer in the library to help issue and return resources. 

The library hosts a Reading Club for all things book related where students are encouraged to lead their own sessions and participate in a variety of book awards including: The Berkshire, Carnegie, Juniper, Information, and Excelsior Book Award. This gives students the opportunity to explore a wider variety of genres, ranging from manga and graphic novels to popular fiction to looking at non-fiction from a different perspective. These awards are interactive and encourage students to judge and vote for their favourite books. Participating in these awards also provides students with the opportunity to meet authors, attend exciting virtual events such as learning how to make digital book trailers, and go on trips to work with peers from local schools to create exciting presentations to celebrate and promote their favourite shortlisted titles. Presentations in the past have included puppet shows, theatre performances and sculpture building. 

There is also a Library Club for students to play Warhammer and other games. Students are encouraged to bring in their own Warhammer to work on or to play with friends, however some equipment is provided for free, including paints, brushes, and some introductory models! Exciting new board games are brought in each week to learn and play with friends. Students are invited to bring in games from home and teach the group their favourite board or card games. 

At the end of each term an exclusive library party is hosted to say thank you to student librarians and library club members. 

Staff Contacts

Mrs B Fogarty, Library and Learning Resource Centre Manager