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GCSE and BTEC results 2023

Congratulations to all Denefield’s Year 11 students on their excellent GCSE and BTEC results this year. Given the pandemic disruption they have faced in their education, they should be very proud of all they have achieved.

Denefield’s GCSE results continue to be very strong. Nearly 80% of students gained at least a grade 4 or above in both English and Maths (considered to be a ‘standard pass’ – equivalent to grade C). The percentage of students achieving at least a grade 5 in English and Maths (a ‘strong pass’ – equivalent to a grade B or above) has risen once again, against a backdrop of national decline. In several subjects including Physics, Philosophy and Ethics and Physical Education over half of all students gained the very top grades of 7-9 (equivalent to A and A*).

In addition, a significant proportion of Denefield’s cohort speak a language other than English at home and the school supports students in completing qualifications in their home language where that language is offered at GCSE. 100% of the students who took a GCSE in their home language this year achieved a grade 8 or 9 (equivalent to A*) – a fantastic addition to their suite of qualifications.

Particular congratulations also go to a wide range of Denefield students for their performance in vocational subjects such as Hospitality, Travel, Health & Social Care, Digital IT and Sport. Over two thirds of Denefield students achieved a Merit or higher at Level 2 (equivalent to a B or above) and a third of students achieved a Distinction or Distinction* (equivalent to A or A*).

As part of Denefield’s enrichment package 19 Year 10 students took GCSE Psychology a year early. Almost half of the cohort achieved grades 7-9 (equivalent to grades A* and A) and all achieved a Grade 4 or above (a ‘standard pass’ – equivalent to a grade C). This is an outstanding achievement. 

Amongst Denefield’s top performers are:

  • Freddie Brooker achieving 8 grade 9; 1 grade 8; 2 grade 7
  • Tanzika Islam achieving 6 grade 9; 1 Distinction*; 4 grade 8
  • Noah Elphic achieving 8 grade 9; 1 grade 7; 1 grade 6
  • Alice Jewell achieving 4 grade 9; 2 grade 8; 4 grade 7
  • Jessica Coates achieving 2 grade 9; 1 Distinction*; 3 grade 8; 3 grade 7
  • Caitlin Burden achieving 2 grade 9; 5 grade 8; 2 grade 7; 1 grade 6
  • John Griffiths achieving 2 grade 9; 5 grade 8; 2 grade 7; 1 grade 6; 1 grade 5
  • Maria Armstrong achieving 1 grade 9; 1 D*; 3 grade 8; 3 grade 7; 1 grade 6
  • Hannah Chinn achieving 2 grade 9; 4 grade 8; 3 grade 6
  • Harlen Lewis achieving 2 grade 9; 4 grade 8; 2 grade 7; 1 grade 6; 1 grade 5

The hard work, clear evidence of revision and sheer determination demonstrated by Denefield students has once again paid off. Denefield staff are proud of all of their achievements and wish all Year 11 students the very best in their future endeavours as they progress to Sixth Form, apprenticeships or enter the world of work and training.

Congratulations to all in Year 11!