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Bugsy Malone - Wow! What a show!

Congratulations to all involved!

I am writing this review whilst the silly string is still drying and the audience are wiping the tears of joy (and more silly string) out of their eyes.  Wow! What a show?! The whole cast and crew have shown us all what dedication is all about and what the fruits of hard work can be.   

Rehearsals began many months ago, but the intensity was ramped up to a zillion percent within the closing weeks. All day rehearsals? In your own free time? On a weekend? In your holidays? What kind of craziness is this?? Well that’s show business!  

Many, many thanks to all those who had to make individual sacrifices for the good of the ‘The Show’. I know birthday celebrations were postponed, matches missed, family gatherings swerved to name but a few. 

I could begin to sound like I am biased of course, but believe me this kind of experience is so valuable for the students as they learn to work, interact, collaborate, sing, dance, act and perfom together, forming new levels of self-confidence and camaraderie, difficult to emulate anywhere else. Not only essential in the development of the young mind but also…wait for it…FUN! 

In all theatre reviews, individual performers will be picked out for their merits, but I will intentionally not name anyone personally as I would not like to give the impression that others do not need the accolade. I think it is fair to say that everyone had to ‘dig-deep’ and face some fears as standing up in front of large audiences is not a natural instinct. I have seen each member of the cast and crew need to assess and edit their own work so often in order to offer the audience their very best. The energy exuded on stage was almost tangible – the songs, the dances, the comic timing, the physical slapstick comedy combined with the seamless technical support for the light and sound crew, who need to remain very cool under pressure, are often under-appreciated. 
Congratulations to all involved and if you didn’t get involved or into the audience this time – there is always next year – where, all being well, we’ll do this all again. 

Mr P Shaw
Head of Performing Arts