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Tanzika (Year 11) and Momina (Year 12) delivered a fantastic, interactive assembly, sharing their experiences in Ramadan.

This is their reflection...

We decided to share our personal experiences in Ramadan and the Islamic perspective behind it because many people don’t know about it. Furthermore, everyone has a very narrow opinion about it, whereas it is 1000 times more than that. It’s the community building, it’s the build up of joy and it is the mental achievement you feel from it. We touched on how Ramadan is not only fasting but a time of connection to yourself and your religion. Many non-muslims will look over this and focus on the burdens of fasting despite the abundance of blessings - islamically and personally. We hope that muslims in this school feel much more represented after this, and feel a sense of pride in themselves. We look forward to doing this more often. Ramadan Mubarak!