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CHARACTER Awards Evening 2022

We celebrated the achievement of over 140 students at our CHARACTER Awards Evening in May.

Our annual CHARACTER Awards Evening gives us the opportunity to congratulate students who best exemplify the school's CHARACTER values which are now at the centre of our work. 

The event recognised students across the Houses who have best demonstrated a particular CHARACTER value as well as those who have consistently shown a range of values within a specific subject area.

Students were nominated if they consistently met the expectations and definitions of our CHARACTER values. These included:

Confidence -  Confident individuals see new opportunities to develop themselves and believe that they can change things for the better.

Happiness - Happy individuals enjoy learning, have a clear sense of their own self-worth and are able to lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

Articulacy -  Articulate individuals have well-developed literacy, numeracy and communication skills.

Resilience - Resilient individuals demonstrate grit and can persevere when faced with challenges.

Ambition - Ambitious individuals have high expectations of themselves and the determination to be the best they can be.

Courage - Courageous individuals are creative, resourceful and active problem solvers, and are prepared to take measured risks.

Tolerance - Tolerant individuals appreciate difference, challenge injustice and strive to live in peace with others.

Empathy - Empathetic individuals relate well to others and form positive relationships.

Respect - Respectful individuals act with integrity and can contribute positively to the development of our school community.